Be Bold

A two hour counseling session can cover a lot of ground. If you’re willing to dig, there can be a lot revealed that has knowingly or unknowingly been buried. Over the past two weeks I’ve been relentlessly digging, shovel more than ready. This adventure has brought to the surface some moments or events that I have been purposely pushing away or forgotten out of fear of dealing with them. Causing me to live with my head in the sand, and stuck in belief that I’m not “good enough”. Therefore, hindering me in understand my worth and purpose. I’ve allowed these moments to define me. Not seeing or believing in the gifts God has blessed me with. My task this week is to start identifying and realizing the events of my past that drove me to build a shelter that would guard against me being present during difficult times. I am to focus on situations of shame, abuse, or abandonment. All to begin the process of tearing down and destroying my shelter. To do this, it is going to take bold faith and a relentless pursuit to see it through. For the first time I’m not scared, because God is worth it, and I’m beginning to believe that I’m worth it. God has blessed me with a level of courage to be bold. Face the past and move forward in God’s purpose for Him and for me.

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